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    Wellington School is proud to launch the Corner Capital Fund to raise money for the Astroturf, a Study & Library Centre and Café ’37.

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    Be part of the Wellington Wall. By supporting our future you become part of our history.

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    A personalized Wellington Brick is the perfect way to celebrate your connection with Wellington School.

Wellington School
Wellington Wall

Wellington School is currently raising money for the Corner Capital Fund and to thank our donors we are proud to be launching the “Wellington Wall”. A wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate your connection with Wellington School. You can inscribe a brick with the words that mean something to you and they will then become part of the fabric of the newly refurbished and extended café meaning you have a lasting legacy. 
The money raised from donations received  will go towards the Corner Capital Fund which is currently supporting three major projects. 

All Weather Pitch
Our current Astro Turf is one of the most utilised areas of the School and is in desperate need of re-surfacing. It is used extensively by the Senior and Prep Schools as well as many local clubs and we would love to enlarge the pitch to provide even more capacity.

Duke’s Library and Study Centre
Duke’s will be turned into a dedicated study facility and library providing our pupils with modern and flexible areas for group and independent learning.

Café ‘37
Finally we intend to improve the café to create a focal point for pupils, parents and Old Wellingtonians to meet in a welcoming environment.

The Wellington Wall will be integrated into the design of the new Café ’37 and will be situated where the existing café wall is next to the visitor car-parking. 

By supporting our future you become part of our history.

Please see the products page for the different size of bricks available and the suggested minimum donation.

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Next Installation

  • Wellington School launch Corner Capital Fund with a party in the Café which, along with the Astro, are the focus for the fundraising this year. "Wellington School launch Corner Capital Fund which will focus on fundraising for the Astroturf, Duke's Study Centre and the Cafe."
  • A brick in the Wellington Wall is a wonderful way of celebrating your time at the School.
  • For a truly personal gift you can purchase a gift card which allows the recipient to choose their own message.